Supporting Local Manufacturers

//Supporting Local Manufacturers

Supporting Local Manufacturers

Cutler Brands Pty Ltd had the pleasure with supporting Hoshizaki Lancer to manufacture the locally designed Cornucopia Tower drink dispenser that was exported and installed into 100 + New Zealand KFC stores over the Xmas period.

Cutler Brands assisted with the manufactured of the printed and vacuum formed front and end panels to strict specifications that pushed the vacuum forming process to the extreme and then lighting the panels with some eye catching LED’s to enhance the final product.

Working closely with our customers at the designs stage is becoming an important and integral part of the success of the final products as this allows all decorating options to be considered before final manufacturing is started.

If you have any needs for advice on enhancing or decorating you products for functional or visual effects we can be contacted on email at or by phoning Paul or Adrian on 08 82689888.

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