Functional Products
Functional Products

Functional Products

Cutler Brands manufactures functional products for many of Australia’s leading companies like Energy Queensland, Noja Power, Coopers, Treasury Wine Estates, ResMed, Isuzu and Hino Motors. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing best products and service to our clients.

Our capabilities include, screen and wide format digital printing, laminating, graphic design, Co2 laser cutting, CNC routing, engraving, vacuum forming, slitting, guillotining and clam shell and rotary die cutting. As a service option, Cutler can also offer manufacture via our accredited offshore partners.

Graphic Design, Screen & Digital Print

Cutler is committed to providing an exceptional graphic design service to suit our client’s individual needs. Our aim is to work with clients to ensure information is presented clearly, accurately and with the best possible balance to meet our client’s expectations whilst taking into account our experience and knowledge of DFM (Design for Manufacture).

We are able to work with a variety of digital file formats.

Screen printing first appeared in a recognisable form in China during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD) and has been the core business of Cutler Brands since 1946.

Features & options:

  • In house graphic design
  • Solvent inks (Including 2pack)
  • UV inks
  • 1st and (or) 2nd Surface printing
  • Decorating client supplied products

Base substrates available include: self-adhesive vinyl, polycarbonate film, polyester film, aluminium and stainless steel sheets.

In-house cleaning and spraying unit purpose-built for Coopers.

Digital printing has been a very successful addition to our division with the purchase of a UV flatbed print machine. We offer in-house graphic design, white print for clear substrates and both sheet and roll materials.

Base substrates available but not limited to: glass, metal, self-adhesive vinyl, polycarbonate film, and polyester film, PETG, PVC and corflute.

For further information please contact us on 08 8268 9888 or

Membrane Switches & Keypads

Membrane switches, also referred to as membrane keypads, provide cost effective, reliable and flexible solutions for switching applications in user interface devices. Membranes are a momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on or made of a flexible substrate.


  • Custom designed to suit clients’ requirements
  • Circuits are printed in conductive silver with dielectric and carbon overprint
  • Circuits are typically printed onto flexible gloss clear polyester
  • Flat key conductive shorting pads, metal tactile dome or polydome key switching
  • Emboss or deboss
  • Embedded LED’s
  • Display windows
  • Select range of spacer and adhesives stocks available
  • Tail termination via crimp style connectors @ 2.54mm pitch or alternately tracks can be spaced to suit Zif style connector system
Membrane Switches & Keypads

Base substrates available but not limited to: polycarbonate, polyester and polyurethane.

To discuss your specific requirements with one of our product specialists, please contact us on (08) 8268 9888 or


Nameplates offer superior durability, can be attractively finished and are resistant to harsh conditions.v

Customised Nameplates can be metal or ABS plastic laminate materials which are an excellent choice for applications where important information such as compliance ratings, load limits or where indelible safety information needs to be clearly communicated.

Extensive options available for interior & exterior use:

  • Direct print
  • Etch and colour fill
  • Spray paint
  • Engrave
  • CNC router
  • Guillotine & profile punch 
  • Holes and round corner
  • Co2 Laser Cut
  • Choice of adhesives stocks

Base substrates available but not limited to: mill aluminium, anodised aluminium, stainless steel and ABS laminate.

To discuss your specific requirements with one of our product specialists, please contact us on (08) 8268 9888 or

Prototyping & Vacuum Forming

Cutler Brands offers a rapid prototyping service for clients that require bespoke production runs or a proof of concept for a photo shoot, a new product release or to meet an advertising deadline.

We have the technology to deliver a fully digital manufacturing process. This dramatically reduces tooling and set up costs, whilst reducing standard lead times for our clients.

With our digital printer, embossing machine, C02 laser cutter, 3D printer, vacuum forming & CNC Router we can fast track most custom requirements. Substrates include: ABS, HIPS, PVC & PETG.

To discuss your specific requirements with one of our product specialists, please contact us on (08) 8268 9888 or

3D Emblems & Badges

Emblems and badges are the branding point of difference. This high quality product certainly stands out from the crowd.

Our moulded ABS or cast metal emblems and badges typically undergo chrome plating.

Features & options

  • Custom designs to suit clients’ requirements
  • Chrome plating to CAS 48 (5-7 years) or CAS 72 (10-12 years)
  • Colour fill
  • Acrylic insert
  • Range of adhesive stocks
  • Mounting options available (metal)

Substrates available but not limited to: ABS and cast metal.

Isuzu Truck Dual Control Chrome Badge

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us on (08) 8268 9888 or

LED Backlighting

LED backlighting can be the point of difference between your product and that of your competitor.

Backlighting has the ability to generate that extra dimension to your product whilst attracting attention and creating a superior look.

Features & options

  • Custom designs to suit clients’ requirements
  • Vast range of LEDs available
  • Membrane switches
  • PCB mounted keyboards
  • Beverage tap tops
  • Beverage machines
  • Light boxes
  • Aisle signs
LED Backlighting

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us on (08) 8268 9888 or