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Membrane switches, also referred to as membrane keypads, provide cost effective, reliable and flexible solutions for switching applications in user interface devices. Membranes are a momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on or made of a flexible substrate.

Features & options

  • Custom designs to suit clients’ requirements
  • Circuits are printed in conductive silver with dielectric and carbon overprint
  • Circuits are typically printed onto flexible gloss clear polyester
  • Flat key conductive shorting pads, metal tactile dome or polydome key switching
  • Emboss or deboss
  • Embedded LED’s
  • Display windows
  • Select range of spacer and adhesives stocks available
  • Tail termination via crimp style connectors @ 2.54mm pitch or alternately tracks can be spaced to suit Zif style connector system

Base substrates available but not limited to: polycarbonate, polyester and polyurethane.

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LED Membrane Switch
Membrane Switch Circuit

Membrane Switch & Keypads