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Packaging Products

With shelves full of wine bottles using square paper labels, winemakers and marketers are moving toward the clear point-of-difference that direct printed bottles offer.

Combine this with the premium cues that consumers associate with prestige products and the advantages of screen printing is obvious. Cutler has the finest quality print machines available and we take advantage of our manufacturing efficiencies to ensure the most competitive pricing for printed bottles.

Screen Printed Wine Bottles

Screen Printed Wine Bottles (also known as ACL, Direct Printed Bottles or Decorated Bottles) offer a significant point of difference in wine packaging.

Direct print has those premium cues that consumers associate with luxury products.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, screen printed bottles can provide savings depending on the configuration of the package.

Ultra low volumes are often much more economical than tooling up for a short run of labels. While larger volume runs benefit from the high speeds bottling lines can run at with screen printed bottles and no roll changes.

Screen Printed Wine Bottles

Shrink Sleeving

We were excited to introduce the world’s best shrink sleeve technology for wine and spirit bottles to the South Australian market. This highly competitive technique does away with over-packaging, is cost-effective for short runs* and offers stunning quality. Shrink sleeve printing can now be applied over a 360° surface to transform your product with a unique, innovative and continuous design. (*Available for 5,000+ bottle runs).

Our new printing equipment uses thermo-shrink plastic sleeves, a solution that’s now being used internationally for wine, pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, food and home care packaging.

Enabling distinctive shapes to be used, and using an outstanding range of print and surface effects, we can quickly and easily help to stimulate the purchase impulse. Although shrink sleeving is a different kind of decoration, it nonetheless maintains and enhances a brand or range’s graphic identity, the key to brand awareness.

Shrink Sleeve Printed Bottles Adelaide

For small producer tailored solutions, please contact Michael on (08) 8268 9888 or via email:

Screen Printed Bottles vs Clear Labels

Screen printed bottles offer many advantages over clear labels. In fact, clear labels were created to imitate the look of a screen printed bottle. While clear labels can look similar to screen printing from a distance, they are unable to compete with the inherent capabilities of a quality, screen printed package.

Advantages of quality, screen printed bottles:

  • 360 degree print area capable of showcasing fully integrated designs
  • Permanent branding. Your brand will remain on the bottle for the life of the bottle.
  • No unsightly air pockets, bubbles or wrinkles that detract from the quality of the design.
  • Ice bucket proof, perfect for sparkling and white wines.
  • Cellar proof and scuff proof, perfect for red wines.
  • Cost savings at bottling as you are running cleanskins that need no labels. The bottle line can run at full speed until the tanks are empty providing efficiency gains.
  • No charge for the back label, front and back is one print.
  • No backing paper or waste to be disposed of like plastic labels.
  • Much higher print relief giving a premium, tactile effect that clear labels can’t match.
  • Fully recyclable glass based inks.
High Quality Screen Printed Bottle

High quality screen printed bottle

Clear Label Quality Issues

Clear label quality issues

Thermal v Air-Cured Comparison


It shouldn’t be … Not all screen printed bottles are created equal.

Thermal Inks (MFT Baked) verses Air-Cured inks (GL) on Screen Printed Bottles

Thermal Ink Labels

Thermal ink labels

From a consumer perspective, packaging has a powerful influence on purchasing decisions – the first sale is the label, the second is the product inside, therefore it’s important that the bottle decoration creates the best first impression.

Most bottles used in the beverage industry have protective treatment added to their surface which provides protection to the raw glass on the bottling line and during transportation. Referred to as a cold-end coating, as it’s applied at the end of the manufacturing process, it is this Duracoat that forms a protective layer on the container.

When a screen print image is printed onto the bottle surface, the ink system used determines how the image is held in place. Thermal inks (MFT) penetrate the protective bottle coating and bond directly with the glass becoming one with the bottle. This happens during the baking process and at the end of it, the protective coating is reapplied over the printed label and bottle once again. Air-Cured inks (GL) are printed at room temperature and bond with the protective coating covering the bottle, not the bottle itself.

Both ink systems are high-quality and capable of performing their appropriate roles in the market.

The pros and cons of the two screen printing processes – and when they should be considered.

Thermal v Air-Cured Screen Printed Label Comparison
Thermal v Air Cured Screen Printing


The Thermal print process is recommended for both long and short runs on high-speed or boutique bottling lines, where label adhesion and integrity is critical, eg. export markets where extensive freight is required. Thermal inks can only be used on empty glass bottles before filling.

The Air-Cured print process is recommended on wine bottles that have already been filled and for short runs where bottles are hand packed or individually wrapped. It is not recommended for empty bottle export or where long-haul freight is involved.

Personalised Wine Glasses

Featured here are some of the most popular glassware styles Cutler Brands decorate. We have unmatched capability and capacity for decorating personalised wine glasses, mugs and other glassware. 


  • Bormioli Wine Taster
  • Royal Leedham Wine Taster
  • Cabernet Wine Glass
  • Nebbiolo Wine Glass
  • Duchess Red Wine
  • Duchess White Wine
  • Fiore 340mL Goblet


  • Stozle Sparkling Wine Glass
  • Duchess Champagne Flute


  • Playboy Mug
  • Bira Beer Mug
  • Benidorm Beer Glass
  • Haworth Glass Coffee Mug
  • Harmonia Tall Beer Glass
  • Palladio Tall Beer Glass
  • Old Fashioned Whisky Glass
  • Hiball Straight Water Glass
  • Dublino Shot Glass
Personalised Wine Glasses
Personalised Wine Glasses