Screen Printed Glassware
Glassware & Bespoke Products

Glassware & Bespoke Products

Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design. Similar to printing onto bottles, printing on glassware uses the same approach, only smaller.

The use of screen printing onto glassware can be very beneficial to print a pour line directly onto the glass ensuring the same pour is made each time. This can be precipitated via a line or using the bottom of a logo. Typically, glassware Is printed with a frost. However, colours are also available if they are desired.


Cutler Brands is proud to work with many quality companies and stock a wide range of all types of glassware; please contact Charissa Walters:

T: (08) 8268 9888


Featured here are some of the most popular glassware styles Cutler Brands decorate. We have unmatched capability and capacity for decorating personalised wine glasses, mugs and other glassware.


  • Bormioli Wine Taster
  • Royal Leedham Wine Taster
  • Cabernet Wine Glass
  • Nebbiolo Wine Glass
  • Duchess Red Wine
  • Duchess White Wine
  • Fiore 340mL Goblet


  • Stozle Sparkling Wine Glass
  • Duchess Champagne Flute


  • Playboy Mug
  • Bira Beer Mug
  • Benidorm Beer Glass
  • Haworth Glass Coffee Mug
  • Harmonia Tall Beer Glass
  • Palladio Tall Beer Glass
  • Old Fashioned Whisky Glass
  • Hiball Straight Water Glass
  • Dublino Shot Glass
Screen Printed Glassware
Screen Printed Wine Glasses

Cutler Brands Ecowax

At Cutler Brands we aim to seal sustainability into the world with biodegradable wax sealing. We use a 100% biodegradable wax, so not only does this look good, it’s good for our planet!

Customers can achieve a completely sustainable package when screen-printed and wax sealed by Cutler brands.


  • Healthy for the planet!
  • Airtight Seal
  • Keeps dust and contaminants from accumulating on the mouth of the wine bottles
  • Enhances attraction to product
  • Easy to remove when opening
Ecowax Wine Seals

Tissue Wrap

At Cutler Brands we offer the service of tissue wrapping your wine bottles. Adding that extra detail can add that little bit of a personal touch to your product.

This technique often resonates with the customer and makes them want to buy your product again and again!

Tissue Wrapped Wine Bottles

Functional Products

Cutler Brands manufactures functional products for many of Australia’s leading companies like Coopers, Treasury Wine Estates, ResMed, Isuzu and Hino Motors. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing the best products and service to our clients.

Our capabilities include, screen and wide format digital printing, laminating, graphic design, Co2 laser cutting, CNC routing, engraving, vacuum forming, slitting, guillotining and clam shell and rotary die cutting.